Hopefully you will find your shopping experience with Blackbird Ink straightforward, but just in case, here’s a few frequently asked questions and answers.

Who owns BlackBird Ink?

Blackbird ink is wholly owned by Mabie Todd Limited.

Mabie Todd Limited are registered in England, company registration number GB10808574.

How good are Blackbird Ink fountain pen inks?

Blackbird fountain pen inks are made to the highest standard. All our inks are made in England and comply with all European ink standards.

Our ink is designed just for fountain pens and made to have the best flow, great colour and are suitable for all brands of fountain pens.

I don't see the fountain pen ink colour I want - Can you make it for me?

At Blackbird Ink we are constantly developing new colour inks for that perfect writing experience. If you have a suggestion for a colour, please let us know using our contact form – We’d love to hear from you!.

Do I have to pay VAT?

Blackbird Ink, a trading name of Mabie Todd Limited are registered for VAT, registration number 2810155.

UK: As we are VAT registered it means we collect VAT on behalf of UK customs & excise, so VAT is applied and included in our prices.

Europe: If you are in Europe than VAT will apply, If you are a VAT registered company in Europe, please let us know as no UK VAT is charged (it is zero rated), and you will account for any VAT according to your country’s VAT rules. This is called the Reverse Charge.

Rest of the World: No VAT will apply